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Confederate Sardine Can CS Buckle

Dug at Cold Harbor



22-11-01  Among the rarest of Confederate waist belt plates is this Sardine Can CS, so named for obvious reasons.  Two days ago as I type this, I purchased a handful of exceptional plates at the OGCA show (Ohio Gun Collectors Assoc.)  from a younger fellow liquidating an early collection of militaria.  All the plates were exceptionally nice.  This was the rarest in the lot.  It is a solid and attractive battlefield found example retaining the two clipped brass belt hooks.  The prong hook is gone as usual on such dug examples.  (In fifty years I have owned only ONE sardine can CS with all three hooks, and that was non-dug.)   The patina on this buckle is perfect.  It is a rich, undisturbed, chocolate brown color with no stains nor discolorations, nor rough spots.  The two belt hooks on the back are firmly in place. No bends or creases.  There is a miniscule stress line on the extreme edge of the outer border top and bottom.  The collection from which this came was top quality and the late collector who amassed it kept good records.  Most of the plates came from Clark county Virginia. This sardine can was dug at Cold Harbor.  My guess is 1950s or 60s due to the quality of plates the man was able to obtain.

In the summer of 1864, the Army of the Potomac was fighting its way south toward Richmond.  In a series of vicious battles collectively known as Grant’s Overland Campaign, the Federals suffered more than 50,000 casualties but forced Robert E. Lee to abandon much of northern Virginia.  The small crossroads of Cold Harbor,  10 miles north of Richmond, became the focal point of the action from May 31–June 3.   Grant ordered repeated attacks against entrenched Confederate positions, culminating in an enormously bloody repulse on June 3.  In 20 minutes, an estimated 7,000 Union soldiers were killed and thousands more severely wounded. At noon, Grant called off the attack, saying he regretted he had ever ordered it.   This is an incredible Confederate souvenir of an incredible Confederate victory in one of the most incredibly costly battles ever fought.  The best dug example I have owned.  $4,500.00   SOLD



Superb CS Two Piece Interlocking Buckle

found in the Rapidan River





22-11-02   Perfect condition dug CS two-piece, tongue and wreath, sword belt plate.  Like the above sardine can, a superb specimen of an extremely handsome and desirable Confederate buckle.  The tongue and the wreath were found together, as opposed to being married by pairing a wreath from one dig, and a tongue from another.  The patina on both parts is absolutely identical, as is the arsenal craftsmanship and finish work.  This pattern was produced in Virginia.  Most collectors refer to it as the Richmond pattern.  This was found in the Rapidan River in Virginia many decades ago.  This came from the same ages old collection as the sardine can above.  You will be hard pressed to find a prettier dug example.  $2,950.00


Perfect Condition Dug Stud-Back US Oval Buckle


22-11-03 Perfect dug up early war US oval waist belt plate with the very scarce oval stud belt hooks on the back.  From the same early collection as the above two plates.  This was found in Clark county Virginia decades ago.  Solid, no damage,  has perfectly uniform warm brown age patina, and ultra strong condition.  The collector who amassed these pieces had impeccable taste.  $325.00 SOLD SOLD


Prettiest Non Dug US Oval Buckle

22-11-04 Superb condition standard issue Union Army US oval waist belt plate.  Arrow hooks and prong are firmly in place. The face of the buckle is virtually flawless.  It has the most beautiful undisturbed golden brown patina and no objectionable nicks or dings.  In keeping with the top notch quality of plates on this list, here is another outstanding example of the Yankee infantryman’s buckle.  $265.00  SOLD

Model 1861 Contract Springfield

Rifle Musket


22-11-05  US Model 1861 .58 caliber contract Springfield rifle musket in VG condition.  100% original, 100% complete and mechanically perfect.  Lock is clearly stamped by contractor William Mason and dated 1863. Breech of barrel clearly inspector stamped with V P over eagle head.  Barrel date of 1863 is partially visible mixed with light surface pitting. Mason had a contract for 100,000 muskets which the government later reduced to 30,000 in an underhanded move by a review board instructed to alter arms contacts in an effort to conserve money in the war chest.  This nearly bankrupted Mason who had laid out over half a million dollars for materials to produce 100,000 guns.

Wood is very good with attractive color and good edges. It shows expected handling wear. There is enough wear that I cannot decipher a cartouche. Metal is VG+ overall smooth with gunmetal grey patina.  The area around the nipple shows light surface pitting. Lock action is crisp as new. No replaced or repaired parts.  $1,495.00

Here is a link to an excellent monograph on Mason muskets by Paul Johnson.



Napoleonic War Blucher Saber

22-11-06  Barn condition Napoleonic Wars German cavalry saber.  The so-called Blucher sword.  All metal is moderately pitted.  The wood grip is solid. No covering remains.  The langet has been broken off the guard.  A neat relic that is now over 200 years old.  $225.00  SOLD

1864 Springfield Musket











22-11-07  Top Notch 1864 Springfield Rifle Musket (aka M1863 Type2).  100% original, 100% complete, and mechanically perfect.  Lock is clearly marked by Springfield and bears the eagle and a manufacture date of 1864.  Likewise the breech is clearly stamped with a VP and eagle’s head as well as the matched date of 1864.  Very good wood, bore, etc… Steel is overall gunmetal grey.  The inspector’s cartouche is no longer visible on the stock counterpane.  A very handsome and honest ’64.  The last percussion model made at Springfield.  $1,650.00


Whitney Navy Revolver and Holster










22-11-08  Whitney Navy Revovler in its’ original holster.  Standard late war Whitney with Colt style lever catch.  100% original, 100% complete, mechanically perfect.  The firm name was intentionally removed from the top of the barrel back in the old days.  In a rush to get this web-catalog uploaded I will let the pictures do the talking. Nice piece $1,250.00  SOLD












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