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I have been a buyer and collector of Civil War relics since the early 1970s and a full time dealer for forty years. If you are looking for a gun, sword, knife, uniform, flag, medal, badge, diary, photograph, daguerreotype, or tintype please call, write, or email me. I buy and sell a broad range of material related to the common soldier: canteens, drums, belt buckles, leather gear, cartridge boxes, cloth items, images, paper and documents, weapons, antique Colt and Remington revolvers, and a wide variety of related items. I also deal in historical letters, autographs and photographs of historical, political and military figures, particularly of the 1860s, and generally have on hand material connected with Lincoln, Lee, Grant, Sheridan, Sherman, and others.

I am particularly interested in purchasing Confederate artifacts, especially belt buckles, swords, coats, and photographs, which are the most valuable and desirable material to the advanced collector. But, if you have any items of the period you wish to sell, I am not only a dealer, but a passionate collector of military items from 1861 to 1865. I’ll BUY ANYTHING, and pay top prices for good clean material either for inventory or my own collection! If you have something to sell please call to get my price. And, if you are just thinking about selling or curious about artifacts or relics that have come into your hands, feel free to call or email: I’ll be happy to give you a free appraisal for authenticity and can often do so easily based on photos.   Appraisals for monetary value are executed on a fee basis.

If you are looking to start, add to, or complete a collection, and whether you want to buy or sell a single item, lifetime collection, or familty archive, do not hesitate to contact me. My interests include, but are not limited to: original antique belts, buckles, cartridge boxes, cap boxes, bayonets, guns, muskets, carbines, rifles, buttons, camp and personal items, flags, drums, uniforms, coats, hats, caps, trousers, knapsacks, haversacks, swords, sabers, bowie knives, daggers, boots, shoes, medals, badges, insignia, shoulder straps, canteens, battlefield relics, artifacts, GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) items and badges, letters, diaries, autographs, photographs, photos, daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes, CDV (carte de visite) photos, etc. And, if I don’t have it on hand, I can probably find it for you.

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I am always interested in buying ANYTHING from the American Civil War… Guns, Swords, Civil War Muskets, Knives, Uniforms, Flags, Medals, Badges, Diaries, Letters, Autographs, Buttons, photographs, tintypes, daguerreotypes, Insignia, Camp Items, Battlefield Relics, canteens, Drums, Etc… Call 419-842-1863 and ask for Dave Taylor.

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