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231001   Good solid specimen of the Austrian Lorenz rifle which was prolifically issued to the Confederate Army of Tennessee and the Union Iron Brigade.  North and South imported boat-loads of these scrappy rifles.  After the Enfield, the Austrian Lorenz, in its original .54 caliber and the later examples rebored to .58 caliber, was the second most common imported firearm by both Union and Confederate forces. The Lorenz, designed by Lieutenant Joseph Lorenz of the Austrian army was a completely sound weapon well regarded in Europe, and generally well liked by Union and Confederate soldiers who received them.  Yankee and Rebel buyers eagerly purchased all they could.  The Union recorded purchases of 226,924 and the Confederacy likely bought as many as 100,000.  This rifle is overall VG condition. Totally original except for a replaced hammer screw, 100% complete, and mechanically fine.  The ramrod lacks the brass band at the forward end of the tulip head. No lock markings. Fixed block rear sight.  The nipple is battered nearly flat.  A very honest example of the Austrian Lorenz.  Good and solid. Perfect for US or CS display…  $1,150.00



23-10-02   Sharp, solid example of the Allen & Wheelock .32 caliber rimfire revolver.  Sharp edges, vivid markings, superb grips, mechanically perfect, 100% original, 100% complete, retains generous traces of original factory blue on the barrel.  From 1859 to 1862  about a thousand of these pistols were produced in total.  Pretty small number.

The barrel is 3 1/2-inches long with the proper mortised front sight.  Marked on the left barrel flat: “Allen & Wheelock Worcester MS. U.S. / Allen’s Pat’s Sept. 7. Nov.9, 1858.”  Also bears 1860 date on left frame forward of the cylinder

Shown above are two photos of Civil War soldiers displaying their Allen and Wheelocks.  One of the sharper, stronger examples I have owned.     $650.00







Colt 1878 Frontier Six Shooter in the 1970S movie LITTLE BIG MAN


23-10-03  Colt 1878 Frontier Model with 7.5″ Barrel.  A very fine example of an iconic Wild West cowboy gun. Much scarcer and far more technically advanced than the ubiquitous cowboy single actions, these large bore double action six guns are scarce in general, and rare in this condition.

.44-40.  caliber, 7.5″ barrel ,  SN: 39128. (Antique Mfg. 1898) and Colt’s first big caliber “double action” model.  The previous year’s 1877 Lightning and Thunderer revolvers showed that double action mechanisms were the wave of the future.   This 1878 model is completely correct with Rampant Colt logo hard rubber birds head grips, proper lanyard loop etc…  The left barrel is correctly stamped COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER. Top of barrel bears the logo COLT’S PT. F.A. MFG. CO. HARTFORD. CT. U.S.A.  Has the standard front blade and top strap notch sights, and shows an assembly number of 210 on the loading gate and interior frame. The serial number of the frame and cylinder match. 100% original, 100% complete, mechanically excellent.

Fine condition. Bore is Very Bright with a couple dull patches . The 70% intact blued finish is worn on the left barrel and on the ejector rod housing with a brown patina in those areas.  Both grips are deep brown.   The frame retains strong blue  with someflecking, and scattered scratches. Both grip panels show handling wear.  A chip is broken off on the heal of the right grip panel.

Earlier this year (2023) Rock Island Auction sold a brown no-finish example for $1,880.00

They also sold a far less desirable 20th century “modern” example with less finish for over $2,600.00 in May of this year.

And at the same May sale they sold a stellar example for over $15,000.00


This high finish, antique, long barrel example is one heck of a deal at…..    $2,350.00




23-10-04  Handsome flintlock belt pistol still in original flintlock ignition.




Relic of the past…

How the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion Came to Be ‘the Greatest Gathering of Conqueror and Conquered’ in History | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian





A most appealing little pinfire revolver with 6mm or 7mm bore and a folding trigger.   Very similar to the famed 12mm Lefaucheux Cavalry revolver but half scale.  Not signed by maker.  Brown, rusty, does not index or stay cocked… but still a very cool CW revolver.  Lacks the ejector rod, but a rusty nail would serve for display purposes.  The trigger folds forward for safe carrying.  This six shot, fixed metallic cartridge revolver would have been an ideal close-quarters weapon in a tight situation as depicted in the above shown battle scene.  A great display weapon and very affordable.  $95.00








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