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230120   Union Officer’s Insignia:  Very fine lot that came together out of an old Ohio collection.  It is likely from an officer in the 47th Ohio Vols.  Extra high grade of major’s infantry shoulder straps.  One has a couple moth nips as shown.  These are metal back examples and are the type attached with cloth laces…  note the holes for the laces on the reverse.   Also his hat insignia.  The side eagle is raw-back and early war.  Bugle is extra large and metal backed.  No loops remain.  $1,250.00 discount to $1,125.00  SOLD


230121 Moore Teat Fire:

These.32 caliber pistols were designed by Daniel Moore and manufactured by Moore and his partner David Williamson. The Moore .32 Teat-fire, used a unique cartridge which circumvented the Rollin White patent owned by Smith and Wesson. These small revolvers proved very popular during the Civil War.  Admiral Farragut had one with ivory grips which he bought at the Sanitary Fair.  The “Teat-fire” cartridges did not have a rim at the back like conventional cartridges, but were rounded at the rear, with a small “teat” that would protrude through a tiny opening in the rear of the cylinder. The priming mixture was contained in the “teat” and when the hammer struck it, the cartridge would fire.   This one is a project gun.  It will not cock and the cylinder doesn’t advance.  It appears to be all there and 100% original except for the hooked ejector lever which is broken and missing.  Not sure how much tune-up it needs or if there are damaged internal parts.  This is the early model made from 1861 to 1863 marked Moore’s Pat Fire Arms Co.  as opposed to the later model marked National Arms.  If you are mechanically handy you should be able to turn this into a $500 gun.  It is a super display weapon as it stands.  A really fair price at…  $335.00   SOLD


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230122  Quaint 45 caliber vest pocket percussion derringer bearing Belgian proof marks.  Just the thing an 1850s – 1860s  gambler or  sporting woman would carry in case the need arose to make their position clear in regards to any disagreement  that might arise during the course of their business.   Fits in the palm of your hand.  The trigger is retractable and presents itself when the hammer is cocked.  That way it can’t get hung up in your vest pocket, or in your garter.  100% original, 100% complete, mechanically perfect.  Numbered 145 and 8.  ELG Proofs.  Has a little surface rust that will come off with a little oil.   Great 170 year old derringer.  $350.00    SOLD

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230123  Very handsome brass frame engraved 45 caliber percussion derringer or muff pistol.  British proofed, 100% original, 100% complete, and mechanically perfect.  Overall Very Good condition. No defects. Has box lock action. Our friends at Collectors Firearms in Texas have this guy’s twin brother at 395.00.   I will sell you this one for  $295.00  SOLD

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230124  Very Rare Antique Manhattan Three Shot .31 Caliber Pepperbox Pistol in very good condition. The Manhattan Fire Arms Company was founded in 1856 in Norwich, Connecticut.  Best known for their five shot navy revolvers (80,000 produced),  the company also produced  2,500 pepperbox pistols in different variations.   The rarest by far is this three shot version.  It is exceedingly scarce and was the only Manhattan model that required the manual turning of the barrel cluster by hand.   Less than 300 of these three shooters were made and production ceased in 1861.  Very good condition. 100% original, 100% complete, mechanically perfect.  Bargain priced at $750.00  SOLD

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230125  This is a Belgian produced US Model 1819 flintlock pistol.  It’s only the second one I have owned.  It is identical to the Simeon North US made pistols except it does not have a sliding safety lock behind the hammer that North guns have.  These sliding locks were not effective and North’s 1819 pistols were the only US guns to ever have them.  These Belgian guns were likely made after the sliding safeties had been abandoned.  There is very little known about these Belgian guns, but there is one known with pre Civil War Virginia militia markings.  This specimen is 100% original, 100% complete, and mechanically perfect.  It is in its’ original flintlock ignition configuration.  The metal was burnished many years ago.  The letter M is stamped behind the brass flash pan.  The barrel band is stamped with the letters “HD”.  The stock is VG with one very small stress crack near the upper escutcheon screw on the edge of the counter pane.  Now 200 years old, this is one heck of an interesting military flintlock pistol.     I think this is a really good deal at $975.00  SOLD

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                   Genuine 18th Century           Kuchenreiter Pistol


230126  Large precision sighted pistol made by legendary Bavarian gunsmith Johann Christoph Kuchenreiter circa 1790 – 1810 Converted to percussion.  The Kuchenreiter family produced high quality arms for the nobility in the Germanic states and Austria.  Johann was born in 1755 and worked in Regensburg, Bavaria from 1776 until his death in 1818.  Kuchenreiter guns have been highly sought since the inception of gun collecting.   His multi-leaf rear sights were decades ahead of their time.  The quality of workmanship was the best.   The top barrel flat at the breech is embossed with a mounted rider cipher.  The trigger has a precision set-screw. The top of the barrel is signed in silver inlay J. Christoph Kuchenreiter.  Caliber is about .50.  Overall length is    $950.00  SOLD

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230127  Union Army 1864 Cartridge Box for .58 Caliber Paper Cartridges.  This is the 1864 pattern Union Army box with the US oval motif embossed directly onto the leather front flap.  Earlier boxes had the oval brass US box plates.  Both of the tin liners are still present inside the box.  All straps and buckles are firmly in place and the leather finish is stable with some age pebbling.  Very solid with good life to the leather considering this is now nearly 160 years old.  I recall old time surplus dealer Bernie Mitchell arriving at the NSSA shoots in Winchester, Virginia one morning back around 1973 with a pickup truck completely filled with these things.  My recollection is that they were priced at $20 to $35 depending on condition.   I did not buy one.  I had already spent my summer savings of $60 on Sutler’s Row for my first cavalry saber.  It had unit markings to the 1st Alabama US Cavalry, which I assumed were Confederate markings at that time.  Union Drummer Boy currently has one of these 1864 boxes in lesser condition priced at $450.  Sam & Wes over at The Horse Soldier have a nicer example at $525.   This box is a very, very fair deal at $395.00   SOLD


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230128  Standard Issue Union Army Soldier’s Canteen:  Every soldier had one.  Model 1858 “Smooth-Side” canteen with all three brackets and the pewter spout intact.  The veteran or a descendant decoupaged some newspaper articles or magazine artwork to this canteen over a century ago.   Most of the paper has chipped away as shown.  Very solid condition and trying to tell us a story.  $145.00


230129  9th Corps Badge 21st Massachusetts Wounded In Action:  These diminutive gilt and enamel corps badges were advertised heavily in CW newspapers.  They are about as big as a dime and could be purchased through the mail for a dollar or so.  This one is third division blue, 9th Army Corps, and bears the soldier’s name  G H Hardy on the back. There are ten soldiers named G H Hardy in the Union Army. Only one of these Yanks served in the 9th Army Corps.   Our man is George H Hardy 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 9th Army Corps… Wounded in Action  at Roanoke Island North Carolina in August 1862.  Residence Harvard Mass  a 21 year-old Farmer   Enlisted on 8/12/1861 as a Private.    On 8/23/1861 he mustered into “D” Co. MA 21st Infantry…    He Re-enlisted on 1/1/1864…    He was Mustered Out on 6/21/1865…     He was listed as:* Wounded 2/8/1862 Roanoke Island, NC           Promotions:*… Corpl 5/8/1863

The 21st Mass saw brutal combat casualties losing 159 killed or mortally wounded.  Here are some notes…. part of Reno’s Brigade of Burnside’s Coast Division, Army of the Potomac.  It was engaged in the battles of Roanoke Island, Feb. 8, Newbern, Mar. 14, and Camden, April 19, losing in these three actions in North Carolina 40 officers and men killed or mortally wounded.

It became a part of Ferrero’s Brigade, Reno’s Division, Burnside’s (9th) Corps.  As such it was sent to reinforce Gen. Pope’s army near Culpepper.It was present  at 2d Bull Run, Aug. 30, and at Chantilly, Sept. 1, it was heavily engaged and lost 38 men killed or mortally wounded.     At South Mountain, Sept. 14,  the 21st was engaged near Fox’s Gap.  At Antietam, Sept. 17, it helped to carry the Burnside Bridge and lost heavily.  At Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, it participated in the assaults, suffering severe losses.  Here the color bearer, Thomas Plunkett, lost both his arms.

it became a part of the 1st Brigade of the 2d Division and as such took part in the defense of Knoxville, Tenn., against Longstreet’s siege and assaults, Nov. 17 to Dec.4, 1863.  The siege being raised, on the 26th and 27th of  December, 1863, when but two ears of corn a day were being issued as rations.

It was engaged at the Wilderness, May 6, at Spotsylvania, May 12 and 18, on the Shady Grove Church Road, May 31, and June 1, and at Bethesda Church (near Cold Harbor), June 2, losing in the campaign 24 in killed and mortally wounded.  Transferred to the front of Petersburg it was in the assault of June 17, and in the Crater fight on July 30.

A little badge with a lot of history.   $495.00    SOLD



230130  Early War Union Officer’s Buckle:  Very substantial and solid.  Heavier and thicker than most of the later sword belt plates with a longer heavier tongue.  Wonderful patina and a handsome eagle motif as well.  $225.00  SOLD

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230131   Very Appealing 1853 Currier and Ives Yates Family Record Lithograph.  This was kept by the Yates family with J.M. Yates being the patriarch and having been born in 1836.  He married a woman with surname Angles or Augles in 1857.  Has a little spot of worm damage at the top as shown, otherwise fine.  Roughly 13 x 10 inches in size.  Will look great framed on your wall.  Try and find another genuine Currier and Ives 1853 color litho for ….    $45.00  SOLD

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230132   Original Package and One Original Cartridge for the 1871 Remington Rolling Block Army Pistol.  I’ve seen a lot more of the pistols than I have these cartridge packages.  This will display wonderfully with your gun.   Lid of box is missing part of the label as shown and has scotch tape on it.  The original tear-string is present as is one original .50 caliber metallic cartridge.  McPheeters Militaria has just a single loose cartridge priced at $75,   I will sell both the rare cartridge and the much rarer cardboard box for…..    $100.00

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Unopened Package 45 Caliber Colt Single Action Ammo

230133   Full Unopened Package of 1878 Frankford Arsenal Cartridges for the 45 caliber Colt Single Action Army Revolver:  Perfect condition with crisp label.  These used to turn up regularly but not so much any more.  Great Indian War display item.  This is the ammo Custer’s men were using at Little Big Horn fighting the hordes of savage Indians who were bent on slaughtering them and were completely successful.    $275.00  SOLD

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230134  Colt Cartridge Works Package for 31 Caliber Combustible Cartridges for Colt’s 1849 Pocket Revolver:  Just like the package pictured in the Colt casing above.  This is an empty package that appears to be an unopened pack.  If you have a Colt Pocket revolver and want a package of cartridges to display with it this will fit the bill perfectly.  The best part is that this pack was made at the actual Colt’s Cartridge Works and so marked on the label.  A full pack brings $400.  This identical empty package is …  $165.00  SOLD

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