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11-08-024 – VG English Double Barrel Shotgun

This is a double barrel 10 gauge English percussion shotgun circa 1860’s signed “RICHARDS” on each of the locks. The top of the barrels are marked “LONDON FINE TWIST” and under the barrels when one dismantles the gun, the English proof mark “12” is seen. The barrels are 29 inches long and the overall length of the gun is 46 inches long. The beautiful brass tipped hickory ram rod is original as well! This is a quality shotgun over 160 years old in Very Good condition. This is a wonderful antique gun on its own terms and is totally appropriate to display with Confederate Cavalry effects. A great looking old powder burner at a very affordable price! … $295.00

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11-08-025 – Extra Fine Model 1855 Springfield Rifle Musket

One of the Holy Grails of Civil War longarms. This is the ’55 Springfield with the Maynard tape priming device, and this one is super – rates an NRA “fine+++” to “excellent” condition grade. Truly top notch. The gun is totally original and complete and is also mechanically perfect… as new. Metal is bright and clean with vivid markings. The lock date and barrel date are matched 1859 dates. Stock edges are sharp and “JS” cartouche is clearly legible. The rear sight retains much of the original blue (that is the ONLY blued part on a ’55 Springfield). The bore is about perfect. These early Springfields were the ones issued to the US Regulars and also the earliest Volunteers who answered Lincoln’s first call for troops. A top notch example better than 99% of all surviving specimens. The late Springfield type-2 ‘55s were manufactured without patch boxes while the Harpers Ferry type-2s all had patch boxes. I purchased this at auction this past weekend and had to battle hard to win it. This is one real nice ’55…. $4,500.00

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11-08-026 – English Double Barrel Shotgun

This is a double barrel 14 gauge English percussion shotgun circa 1860 signed “HUNTER” on each of the locks. The top of the barrel is marked “LONDON ” and under the barrels when one dismantles the gun, the English proof mark “14” is seen. The barrels are 32 inches long and the overall length of the gun is 48 inches long. The hickory ram rod appears to be original on this shotgun as well! This too is totally appropriate to display with Confederate Cavalry effects. … $295.00

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11-08-027 – Extra Fancy English Wellington Double Barrel Shotgun

This is a double barrel 12 gauge English percussion shotgun circa 1860 marked “WELLINGTON” on each of the locks. The top of the barrels are marked “WELLINGTON LONDON” and under the barrels when one dismantles the gun, the English proof mark “12” is seen. The barrels are 30 inches long and the overall length of the gun is 46 inches long. Extra Fancy and priced to move. Another gun that would look totally appropriate with Confederate effects! $350.00

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11-08-028 – Two GAR Ribbons (Franklin Tenn) and Cap Insignia

Two silk ribbons in VG+ condition plus bullion embroidered Maltese cross hat insignia. I got these ribbons at auction on Saturday afternoon. One ribbon is Soldiers & Sailors of Northwestern Michigan. The other ribbon is really cool and quite unusual being for soldiers in the 16th Kentucky Volunteers who survived the Battle of Franklin, Tenn. Kind of interesting! Also included is a bullion embroidered large size red Maltese Cross insignia which was worn on either a veteran’s GAR cap or perhaps his lodge hat. I don’t know which. All three pieces $75.00

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11-08-029 – Lot of 4 Pieces of Embroidered GAR Civil War Veteran’s Insignia

a) Neat lot of miniature shoulder straps worn by Civil War veteran’s during their service in the hierarchy of the GAR. Rarest strap in my opinion is 2-star General’s strap. Then we have two full bird colonels straps, then we have a major of artillery. Three have pin attachments on the back, one has two loop hooks. Various positions in the Grand Army of the Republic called for the wearing of various rank insignia all based on Civil War styles. Here is a nice collection of four different for … $235.00

b) Non-Dug Confederate Script “I” Infantry Button and Beautiful Brass Eagle Insignia: Two pieces. First is a perfect non dug Confederate Infantry button with back mark of “Superior Quality”. An outstanding specimen of a very pretty rebel button. (Albert # CS177). Also included and from the same lot at a local auction is a very handsome stamped brass eagle insignia that appears to have been intended for wear on a hat, cap, or shako. The insignia has remnants of five thin brass hooks on the reverse. Patina is magnificent. Style of eagle has a French flavor to it in my opinion so may be connected to blockade run item, or the French Army, or possibly use by a US or CS chasseur regiment wearing French imported uniforms. I’ll let you research further. I just consulted the internet to determine my competition on pricing of the Confederate button. Others are offering the button at $250 to $295. I am pricing it here at $195 with the eagle insignia at $55… Both items for … $250.00

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11-08-030 – Very Nice Confederate Style Militia Tin Drum Canteen

About identical to the Johnny Reb tin drum canteens… but this one is a bit better made and is an 1860 militia tin canteen appropriate to display with early war effects from north or south. Excellent condition with all three brackets firmly in place. $395.00

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11-08-031 – .577 or .58 Caliber Enfield Musket Tompions

Brass caps with cork bodies. I have three of these .577 Enfield tompions in excellent condition. Priced each at $65.00

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11-08-032 – Canteen Stopper

Original stopper for Civil War canteen… correct for bullseye or smooth side canteens. Excellent with just a little deterioration to the cork portion. Only have one… found it in my desk drawer this morning while looking for a magnifying glass. $65.00

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11-08-033 – Officer’s Embroidered Cavalry Insignia

Somewhat worn but very handsome bullion embroidered crossed sabers hat insignia for wear on an officer’s slouch hat or kepi. Velvet body has a couple small holes. Soft back shows a couple repairs but overall VG and solid. A nice large size example… $345.00

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11-08-034 – Civil War Musket Tumbler Punch Tool

Mint unissued CW gun tool. The other web pages are pricing these at $25 to $35 each. Here is a deal for you at $17.50.

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11-08-035 – Complete, Mint, Unopened, Package of Burnside Carbine Ammunition

Here is something we don’t see much anymore. A complete unopened pack of ten Burnside cartridges, pack of caps, in the original string tied wrapped with perfect label. So many of these have been opened and broken up over the years that surviving unopened packages are becoming quite hard to find. If you have a Burnside carbine this is what you need to display next to it. $895.00

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11-08-036 – 1st Model Merrill Carbine

These Baltimore carbines have always been highly sought as they saw heavy service before and during the Civil War in the hands of both Union and Confederate troopers. This transitional first-second model is in NRA “good +” condition. It is the earlier war production Merrill with the brass patch box and yet the button style ears on the lever release catch. (The earliest Merrill’s have flat “ears” on the lever release catch, the later Merrill’s do not have a patch box at all.) It also has the copper faced plunger of the second type also. All of the parts on this gun have matching batch numbers and the gun bears serial number 10104. It is 100% original and complete with no repairs and no replaced parts. The wood shows moderate to heavy wear and no cartouche is visible. If you have been looking for an honest patchbox-style Merrill, you will be well pleased with this carbine. This is one of the few guns that turned up right here in Toledo as a “fresh to the market find” $1,895.00 zachiz

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11-08-037 – Attic-Attic-Attic Untouched Tryon Mississippi Rifle

You cannot find a more “untouched” attic conditikon gun no matter how long you look. This Model 1841 was picked out of the woods by a Penna antique dealer just a few weeks ago and I bought it from him. Dated1848, lock signed Tryon (5000 made under contract). The lockplate is marked “TRYON/US”in front of the hammer, and behind the hammer is “PHILADA/PA/1848”. This rifle is also stamped “NJ” on the left side of the barrel. The gun has an absolutely undisturbed rich and dark attic patina. This is a “dry gun” never having had oil or wax applied. The brass is deeply patinated with green verdigris and bronze color. Cartouche visible on left side of stock. This gun is 100% original, 100% complete, mechanically perfect, and truly UNTOUCHED condition. This is absolutely the most appealing “as found” gun I have purchased in several years. $1,895.00 TTAEJJZ

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11-08-038 – Civil War Model 1860 Spencer Carbine

A good solid Civil war model Spencer carbine with serial #50254. The gun has the 22” barrel with 6 groove rifling and a VG bore. The gun is overall plum color with hints of case color that show through in just the right light. The barrel has aged to a plum patina with very light pitting near the muzzle. The stock is VG+, with one chip out of the forend on the left side where it meets the frame – clearly shown in the photo. Stamped into the back of the butt stock is “P.C.C.3” meaning unknown to me. The gun is 100% original, 100% complete, and mechanically perfect. It is the true Civil War issue Spencer with none of the later alterations. $2,150.00

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11-08-039 – Whitney Navy Revolver

Second Model, 3rd Type, serial number 13,506. It is a 6 shot 36 Caliber percussion gun with 7 1/2 inch barrel. The steel has aged to a pleasant plum patina, the barrel markings are slightly worn. The walnut grips are VG, small chips on each front corner. 100% original and complete and mechanically perfect. These are one of my favorite Civil War revolvers and many were carried in the cavalry, navy, and by officers. I like the lines better than on the more famous Remingtons. Nice CW revolver … $1,150.00 zgx

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11-08-040 – Inscribed Smith and Wesson 137th Pennsylvania Sergeant’s Pistol

Smith and Wesson Model Number 1 Second Issue .22 caliber revolver. Seven-shot cylinder, rosewood grips, blued barrel and cylinder, silver plated brass frame. Maker name and address on top of barrel: “Smith & Wesson Springfield. Mass.” Very good grips. About 80 percent silver or better. Hints of blue mostly thinning to plum patina on the barrel. 27XXX serial number range (1862 production).
Very professionally period inscribed on the backstrap in nice script: “Benjamin W. Bredin.” Checking the Civil War rosters there is only one Benjamin W. Bredin, and he is of the 137th PA. He enlisted 8/25/62 as a sergeant and mustered into Company G the same day. He mustered out at Harrisburg 6/1/63. The regiment was one of several nine-month regiments recruited in Pennsylvania in late 1862, some of whom were roughly handled. The 137th was at Crampton’s Gap, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville, and took part in Burnside’s “Mud March,” . It served in the 6th Corps and the 1st Corps, as well as some duty in Washington and on Provost Guard, which may have been the reason Sergeant Bredin obtained this pistol for personal protection. Very typical of the small pocket pistols brought into service by new recruits, sent them by concerned family, or purchased from military goods dealers and sutlers. Strong condition, beautiful inscription, interesting history, good price… $1,850.00

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11-08-041 & 11-08-042 – Mint Condition Unissued Model 1861 Bayonet Scabbards

Just like the old days are these two mint unissued scabbards for 58 caliber socket bayonets. These each have the ultra desirable buff leather frogs secured with seven copper rivets. Truly among the best condition examples available anywhere. There are a couple inconsequential scuffs in the leather body, but nothing of significance and mentioned only for accuracy’s sake. Truly stellar condition. Only have two — priced each at $265.00

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11-08-043 – Confederate Enlisted Man’s Cavalry Saber

The classic so-called Dog River cavalry saber. The reason these unmarked Confederate sabers are referred to as Dog River’s — according to the late CS sword scholar Wm Albaugh is that he read a Confederate soldier’s letter once which mentioned that the soldier was camped near the Dog River factory. Albaugh could never find reference to that manufactory, so the mystery name he assigned to any rebel sword that he could not firmly attribute to a specific maker. This sword has a 34 3/4 inch blade with classic CS unstopped blood letter. The blade is unmarked and has a gently rounded spine. The brass guard, pommel, and knuckle bow are crudely fashioned, unmarked, and show some old toolmarks. The pommel is thick and heavy. This saber was likely produced in Georgia. The grip has been expertly restored with replaced leather and wire, otherwise it is as it was carried by Johnny Reb during the Civil War. Priced friendly at $1,800.00

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11-08-044 – Colt Army Revolver with Finish

NRA near fine example of the 1860 .44 caliber Colt Army Revolver. This is a commercial gun not sold under government contract and much scarcer than the government purchased guns. They have a much higher quality lustrous blue, varnished grips of better wood, and are just plain more handsome than the government models. This is much nicer than 96% of all the Colt army revolvers that survive. The metal is smooth plum with 25% to 30% real blue on the barrel, lug, and in protected areas of the cylinder. The cylinder has virtually all of the roll engraved battle scene intact. The steel back strap has generous traces of silver plate. The grips are superb with much original varnish. Gun has all matched serial numbers 170,594 including the wedge. Much nicer than most you find… whether you collect Colts or want to do a Civil War of early wild west display this is a top notch example that I bought at auction this past weekend. Heck I paid almost what I am asking here as there was so much bidding on it the auctioneer was grabbing bids by the split second and I refused to put my hand down. $2,750.00

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11-08-045 – US Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol

Fresh from a local auction this past weekend. Standard 1836 flint’ with exceptional near mint wood with crisp cartouches. Standard example with 8 1/2 inch round barrel stamped at the breech “ S / JH / P” and “B”. The U of US is not visible now, as there are two spots where someone filed two shallow grooves in the top of the breech – reason unknown. My theory is that perhaps someone removed an “I.C.” marking from the breech. The stock is superb with crisp cartouches of “EB” and “MPL.” The lock has strong markings of “U.S. / R. JOHNSON / MIDDN CONN / 1839” The date of 1839 has been freshened. The hammer and hammer screw are replacements and consequently this gun is priced very attractively. If you have access to an original hammer and screw you can add $700 to the value of this gun instantly. The brass pan has an “H” stamped into the bottom. The backstrap is a bit proud but so is the one in my collection. A very handsome and most affordable example of this early American flintlock… $1,150.00

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(Pictured next to a 2-band Enfield for size reference)

11-08-046 – Wonderful Child’s Civil War Musket with Bayonet

This is such a great kid’s musket… I wish these were available for youngsters today. The overall length is 42” with a 28” barrel. It is a scaled down version of the British Enfield and is totally functional… the real deal… a real gun. In the day you could load it with powder and ball and dispatch your target forthwith… just as it should be. Comes with the original mini Enfield bayonet with a 10” blade, perfect for poking a surly sibling or troublesome cat. Heck, I bet this thing poked out bunches of kids’ eyes! The gun has Belgian Liege proof marks. The lock is marked “L&T” behind the hammer. The gun is in VG condition, with just a few surface blemishes. It is 100% original and 100% complete except for one missing lock screw on the back which is not visible when the gun is displayed anyway. The musket is fully functional though the nipple is battered. Any male child of any period in history would cherish this wonderful “child’s musket”. I am just an old version of a little kid and I love the thing…. Priced below the last one that sold at auction, and this one has a bayonet that is a darn good copy of an actual Enfield bayonet. The musket and bayonet are a real good deal at $1,250.00

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11-08-047 – Fine Condition Model 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver

A sharp, tight Colt with lots of finish and mountains of appeal. Four inch barrel, 2-line New York barrel legend, 5 shot cylinder. Barrel retains 15% to 20% lustrous factory blue finish. Trigger guard has most of the silver plating. Back strap has traces of its silver. Cylinder has 95+% scene. Grips are excellent with 95+% varnish. All matching serials (including wedge) of 113,803 (1857 production). Totally original and complete and mechanically perfect. A top notch Colt requiring no apologies. Great Gun — $1,250.00

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11-08-048 – Model 1861 Sharps & Hankins Navy Rifle

One of the Scarcest Civil War Shoulder Weapons (Marines and Sailors used them) … Model 1861 Sharps & Hankins Navy Rifle. The Sharps and Hankins carbines are common enough, but these Navy Rifles are damn scarce with fewer than 1000 produced. I have been buying Civil War arms since 1972 and until 2011 I had never owned one of these. (Then this year I found two from separate sources!) This one is serial #589. These are an impressive breech-loading arm utilizing a fixed metallic .52 rimfire cartridge. It is fitted for a saber bayonet (the bayonets are real rare). They compared favorably with the Spencer Navy rifles in tests by the Navy and were delivered to the US Frigate Wabash, among other ships. 3-band configuration. 32 ¾ inch barrel. Full wood forend. VG+ bore with deep rifling. Bayonet lug in place on the underside of the muzzle. The rear sight on this has been moved forward a few inches but is the original sight. These scarce rifles were used to arm Marines and sailors engaged in raids on shore and, if necessary, in close ship actions. Overall condition is VG+ with attractive plum patina. The walnut stock is in VG+ condition with only minor handling wear. Mechanically fine except the safety is stuck in place. Many times rarer than a Spencer rifle, or a Sharps rifle, but priced the same as those more common guns. $3,650.00

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11-08-049 Columbia South Carolina Palmetto Musket

Model 1842 – Secondary Confederate: A totally genuine example of the Model 1842 percussion musket made by William Glaze at the Palmetto Armory in Columbia South Carolina. Gun is overall “very good” condition being totally original and genuine and complete. It does have some pitting on the steel surfaces and shows handling and use, but no abuse nor damage. Rear of lock plate is marked “Columbia S.C. 1852”. Forward lock area has Palmetto tree and “Palmetto Armory S.C.” Barrel is signed “W.G. Co.” butt plate is marked “S.C.” There is some soldier carving behind the trigger guard tang with soldier’s initials “G.F?” and “Co. C”. These Palmetto Armory guns are true Secondary Confederate muskets and most were carried in the Civil War by rebel troops from South Carolina. The middle band on this appears to be an obvious Confederate replacement… being a model ’42 band but crudely made in comparison to the originals Glaze produced. Otherwise all parts are unquestionably Palmetto Armory products. These Palmetto muskets come with either brass furniture or steel. The steel versions like this have the bayonet lug on the bottom of the barrel as this one does. If you are looking for an affordable Southern musket for your Civil War display you will be well pleased with this honest South Carolina musket. Purchased at auction in Western New York on Saturday last… priced well below my competition at……$3,950.00

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